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The Secretariat of the Chamber publishes a summary of the definitive awards rendered during the previous months (since end of 2003).
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N° of awards summaryReleaseKeywords
Awards summary N°125704-2021Port handling contract - Knock by the terminal's handling gantry as it was moving from one bay to the next of the ship's monorail - Responsibilities shared out among the shipowner and the handler.
Awards summary N°125603-2021Synacomex 90 - Wheat in bulk - Missing goods - The charterer's right to bring action for breach of contract against the ship owner on the grounds of a voyage charter - Area of uncertainty regarding the draft surveys and apportionment between the parties - Loss in transit.
Awards summary N°125504-20212nd degree - Gencon - Cargo damaged in transit - Materiality of the damage - Volume and quality of the pollutant - Liability - Commercial seaworthiness - Absolute obligation - Inspection of cargo holds at fault - Notice of Readiness (NOR) not exclusionary - Quantum of the damage - Recoverable amounts alone as the basis for compensation. Read
Awards summary N°125401-2021International articles of agreement on a yacht - Non- payment of wages - Expeditious procedure (yes) - Competence of the CAMP (yes) - Unilateral breach of the employment contract (yes) - Reimbursement of costs and payment of wages.Read
Awards summary N°125312-20202nd degree - Voyage charter party - Synacomex charter party- Ports of unloading not mentioned in the charter party - Charterer's guarantee on a draught of water limit at the port(s) of unloading - (non) safe port.Read
Awards summary N°125212-2020Chartering - Charterer - Vessel delayed on departure due to the belated issuance of phytosanitary certificates - Effects - Charterer's liability - The charterer's creditor company - Seizure of the vessel - Unjustified seizure - Shared liability.Read
Awards summary N°125108-2020Ship building - Offshore cruising - Accident at sea after three and a half years' navigation - loss at sea of the rudder blade and part of the steering gear - Yachtbuilder's liability for hidden defect - Evidence not provided.Read
Awards summary N°125004-2020Second degree - Bare boat charter with put option – Price clause – Interpretation or misinterpretation ? – Strict interpretation.
Awards summary N°124903-2020C/P Heavyliftvoy - Joinder of actions - Ship chartered by freight forwarder for loading a patrol vessel - Damage to the patrol vessel's hull – Claim for compensation from the carrier by the freight forwarder and its insurer – Claim for payment of shipowner's demurrage to the charterer - Shipowner's liability (yes) – Freight forwarder exempted from paying demurrage.Read
Awards summary N°124702-2020C/P Synacomex 90 – Wheat in bulk - Belated customs clearance of the ship after loading – Demurrage computation – Defendant unrepresented.Read
Awards summary N°124610-2019C/P Synacomex – Negotiation for a second loading berth – Demurrage rate – Admissibility of the claimant's action (yes) – Calculated lay time – Deposit paid into the CAMP bank account by the Charterer.Read
Awards summary N°124511-2019Passenger boat – Breaking of an engine drive shaft five years after delivery by the shipyard – Shared responsibility between the shipyard and the bare-boat charterer.Read
Awards summary N°124407-2019During discharging, shock between a gantry crane and a containership crane - Legal interest – Subrogated insurers – Stevedore’s liability – Ship-board duty of supervision.Read
Awards summary N°124305-2019(second degree) – C/P Synacomex 90 – Disponent owner – Rice cargo – Long waiting on roads at discharging – Two fumigations ordered by the head-owner – Partial payment of fumigation costs by the voyage charterer.Read
Awards summary N°124212-2018Marine cargo insurance policy all risks cover – Theft in a rice cargo during warehousing – Collateral management agreement – Average adjuster – Damage estimate – Unexplained shortage – Lack of evidence – Insured’s fault – Reduction of indemnity.Read
Awards summary N°124110-2018Steel products under B/L. Protracted waiting time on roads at discharging without remittance of NOR – Cargo damages – Letter of undertaking by shipowner’s P&I Club giving competence to CAMP - Hague-Visby rules – Receivers right to act – Carrier partial liabilityRead
Awards summary N°124009-2018C/P Synacomex – Cargo of wheat – FIO freight – Clauses 5 et 23 – Handling risks – Brussels Convention.Read
Awards summary N°123902-2018C/P Synacomex - Wheat flour in bags – Wet damage – Letter of undertaking by P&I Club to receivers – Claim for restitution – Owner’s liability (yes) – Demurrage account adjustmentRead
Awards summary N°123812-2017C/P Gencon – Applicable law – Carriage of lychees to be refrigerated – Cargo damage – Subrogated insurers – Vessel’s liability (yes) – Damage assessmentRead
Awards summary N°123710-2017C/P Synacomex 90 – Wheat flour in bags – Dispute about handling expenses into a tween decker – Claimant withdrawal – Defendant counter-claim partially granted. Read
Awards summary N°123612-2017C/P Heavyliftvoy – Transportation and laying down of marine turbine at sea and connection to cable of terrestrial grid – Departure from the spot before work completion – Chartering contract or business contract – Freight deemed earned and non- returnable (yes) – Counter-claim time-barred (no) – Shipowner gross negligence (no).Read
Awards summary N°12359-2017Rice in bags under B/L – Shortage and wet damage to cargo – Letter of undertaking by P&I Club – Insurer subrogated in the rights of the importer – Qualification as sea carrier and responsibility of the shipowner (yes).Read
Awards summary N°12349-2017(second degree) - C/P Mediterranean Iron Ore – Grounding outside the fairway – Navigational fault – Hague-Visby rules applicable – Shipowner not responsible – Restitution of Insurers contribution to General Average (no). Read
Awards summary N°12337-20172nd degree - Salvage agreement between a pilot station and a pleasure yacht – Agreement validity (yes) – Ship in danger (yes) – Settlement of a reward.Read
Awards summary N°12325-2017C/P Synacomex – Voyage postponed – Conclusion of a second C/P – Unjustified charterer failure to perform – Article 13 of decree of 31 December 1966 – Compensation for the loss (yes).Read
Awards summary N°12312-2017Rice in bags - French marine cargo insurance policy – Ship damage during voyage – Cargo discharging and redirection – Goods depreciation due to late arrival near the use-by-date - Indemnification by insurer (no).Read
Awards summary N°12306-2016Shipbuilding contract – Sale of a large pleasure boat – Work uncompleted – Non delivery following seller’s liquidation – Assessment of price as is and balance due. Read
Awards summary N°12291-20172nd degree - Liner agency agreement – Arbitration clause – Referral to a civil court – English law – CAMP competence (partial).Read
Awards summary N°12284-2016Time-charter NYPE 1946 – Rice in bags – Damages and shortage on discharging – Inter-Club Agreement – Interest in acting and admissibility (no) – “Nobody may plead by proxy” rule. Read
Awards summary N°12273-2016Seed potatoes under B/L – Ship arrested after loading – Discharging of germinating cargo ordered by loading port authorities – Claim from receiver – Carrier’s liability (yes). Read
Awards summary N°12269-2015Shipbuilding contract for a catamaran for service in offshore windfarms – Construction
delayed – Instalment not paid – Exi s tence of cont ract (yes ) – Customer’s breach (yes) – Damages (no).
Awards summary N°12259-20152nd degree – Liner agency agreement - Delivery of container s agains t let ter s of guarantee without production of B/L - Legal framework of Carrier/Agent contractual relationship – Time bar application - Agent’s liability.Read
Awards summary N°12248-2015N/Y Produce 1946 – Rice in bags – Congenbill B/L – Shortage and dama g e s to c a r go – L e t t e r s of undertaking - Subrogated insurers – Admissibility (yes) – Shipowner sea carrier – Shipowner’s liability for shortage (100 %) for losses due to mould (50 %). Read
Awards summary N°12237-2015Rice in bags under B/L – Shortage at discharging – Letter of undertaking giving competence to CAMP - Subrogated insurers – Carrier’s liability (yes). Read
Awards summary N°12221-20152nd degree - C/P Synacomex 90 – Addendum to contract – Non reversibility between discharging ports – Laytime as a reward for freight (yes). Read
Awards summary N°12218-2014T/C NYPE 1946 – English law – Claimant shipowner – Off-hire for cranes breakdowns – Crane damaged by stevedores – Claim for shortage – Inter Club Agreement application (no).Read
Awards summary N°12209-2014C/P Synacomex 90 – Wheat in bulk – Cargo wetting – Claimant insurers – Admissibility (yes) – Legal subrogation (yes) – FIO clause – Ship owner’s liability (no). Read
Awards summary N°12197-2014C/P Supplytime 2005 – Multi-purpose support vessel – Cablelaying – Draft in excess – Vessel deficiencies – Shipowner’s liability for excessive draft (no), for deficiencies (yes).Read
Awards summary N°12184-2014Rice in bags under B/L – Shortage and torn bags at discharging – CAMP competence – Receivers entitled to sue – Carrier’s liability for shortage (yes), for torn bags (partly). Read
Awards summary N°12176-2014Transport of refrigerated containers – Lack of means of wedging inside containers – Shipper’s fault – Carrier’s liability (no).Read
Awards summary N°12166-2014Hull and machinery insurance of a fishing boat – Indemnification denial – Clause printed in indistinctive types – Insurer condemned – No measures of conservation taken by the insured – Partial indemnification. Read
Awards summary N°12155-2014C/P Synacomex 90 – Social unrests, strike, curfew – Force majeure (no) – Laytime calculation.Read
Awards summary N°121411-2013Cargo insurance – Sugar cargo – Defaulting buyer – Extended storage – “All risks except…” policy – Appraisement of loss suffered by seller. Read
Awards summary N°121310-2013C/P Gencon – Phosphate cargo – Deballasting problem – Notice of readiness – Dead-freight claim – Attachment in New-York based on Rule B – Counterclaim for improper attachment. Read
Awards summary N°121211-20132nd degree – C/P Synacomex 90 – Demurrage – Dispute on notice of readiness – Inaccessibility and unavailability of loading berth – Force majeure (yes).Read
Awards summary N°12118-2013Rice in bags under B/L – Damages to cargo – Letter of undertaking – Subrogated underwriters – French Law – General Paramount clause – FIO clause (not applicable) – Carrier’s liability (yes).Read
Awards summary N°121011-2013second degree) – Partnership agreement between an individual producing broker and a marine insurance brokerage company in order to develop a portfolio jointly - Cancellations of policies managed by
the broker – Competence of CAMP (yes) - Client misappropriation (yes).
Awards summary N°12099-2013C/P Synacomex 90 – Flour in bags – Damage to cargo – Subrogated insurers – Admissibility (yes) – Evidence of vessel’s liability (unproved). Read
Awards summary N°12086-2013C/P Synacomex – Port congested and bad weather – Berthing delayed – Dispute on laytime calculation – Validity of remittance of NOR on roads (yes) – Time counting during delay on roads (yes).Read
Awards summary N°12077-2013Second Degree - C/P Gencon – Carriage of refrigerated lychees - Competence of CAMP – English law – Guarantee of maximum safe speed – Vessel delayed – Disponent owner’s liability (yes) – Falling price of fruit on arrival – Damage calculation. Read
Awards summary N°12065-2013C/P Orevoy – Hatch cover damaged during discharging – Provisional repairs followed two years later by definitive repairs in China. Claim from charterer to the disponent owner to be refunded of part of the cost of provisional repairs and demurrage. Read
Awards summary N°12055-2013C/P Orevoy – Hatch cover damaged during discharging – Provisional repairs followed two years later by definitive repairs in China - Charterer’s liability (yes). Read
Awards summary N°12045-2013Synacomex 90 – Political unrest in Egypt – Berthing delayed – Dispute on laytime calculation at discharging – Validity of notice of readiness tendered on roads (yes) – Application of clause 25 (no).Read
Awards summary N°12035-2013Alleged collision of a long cable towed by a seismic survey vessel with a containership - Referral to CAMP by virtue of a letter of undertaking – Involvement of the container ship (yes ) – Liability (unproved). Read
Awards summary N°12029-2012Partnership agreement between a trader and a carrier – Carriage of citrus fruit and early vegetables – Engine break down – Cargo damage – Legal subrogation (yes) – Carrier’s liability (yes). Read
Awards summary N°120110-2012C/P Gencon – English law – Carriage of lychees to be refrigerated – London Reefer Clause – Cargo damage – Subrogated insurers – Vessel’s liability – Damage assessment. Read
Awards summary N°120012-2012C/P Synacomex 90 – Freight payment in wrong currency – Claim for refund – N.O.R. remittance on roads – Letter of indemnity (L.O.I.) – Overage exemption certificate (O.E.C.) – WIFPON clause – Laytime computation.Read
Awards summary N°119911-2012C/P Synacomex 90 – Cargo of soyabean meals from Argentina discharged in Algeria –
Shortage ascertained by port weighingbridge. Ship responsibility (no)
Awards summary N°11988-2012C/P Baltimore Form C – Loading of wheat cargo at Baton Rouge – FIO terms – De-ballasting operation abnormally lengthy – Application of the terminal tariff. Read
Awards summary N°11977-2012C/P Synacomex – Unseaworthiness for mismanagement and breach to regulations – Lack of insurance – Poor maintenance – Lack of documentation on board – Arrest and sale of ship. Read
Awards summary N°11969-20122nd degree – C/P Gencon – Damage by sea water to a cargo of fertiliser – Subrogated underwriters – Receiver’s obligation to minimize his damage – Ship owner liability (yes). Read
Awards summary N°11957-2012Voyage charter – Discharging in Ivory Coast - European regulation forbidding any financial relationship with Ivory Coast authorities – Impossibility to perform – Ship Owner compensation (yes) – Unrecovered expenses (yes ) – Los to pportunity of profit (no). Read
Awards summary N°11946-2012C/P Synacomex 2000 – English law – Wheat in bulk – Discharging completed six months after arrival in Chittagong – Demurrage calculation in dispute – Charterer’s liability (yes).Read
Awards summary N°11936-2012C/P Synacomex – Wet damage to a cargo of wheat in bulk – Refusal by receivers and port terminal to discharge part of the cargo – Distress sale by ship owner – Dispute on demurrage account. Read
Awards summary N°11922-2012C/P GENCON – DAP cargo damaged by water ingress – Personal want of due diligence (yes) – Shipowner’s liability (yes) – Indemnification for depreciation and consequential expenses. Read
Awards summary N°11911-2012Rice in bags under B/L to order - Surrogate insurer - Loss payee clause - Admissibility (yes) – Assessment of loss.Read
Awards summary N°11902-2012Agency agreement - Refusal by receiver of a rice cargo damaged after a long stay in port – Agent liability (yes) - Claim for demurrage of containers (partly justified) – Counterclaim from agent (inadmissible).Read
Awards summary N°11891-2012Cargo of rice in bags - Surrogate insurer - Admissibility (yes) - Brussels Convention of 1924 – English law - Shortage - Breach by carrier (yes) - Application of FIOS clause - Rebate on amount of damages caused by wetting.Read
Awards summary N°118812-2011Rice in bags under B/L - Shortage and damages to cargo – Letter of undertaking giving jurisdiction to CAMP - Carrier’s liability for shortage (yes), for moisture and torn bags (in part). Read
Awards summary N°118711-2011C h a r t e r - P a r t y SYNACOMEX 90 – Damage caused by stevedores – Claim directly against charterer – Admissibility (no).Read
Awards summary N°11869-2011C h a r t e r - P a r t y SYNACOMEX and shipment under CONGENBILL – Barley in bulk – Cargo short delivered – Wastage of 0.71 %. Read
Awards summary N°11857-2011C h a r t e r - P a r t y SYNACOMEX – Wheat in bulk – Caked cargo found during discharging – Cargo damaged before loading – Charterers liability (yes). Read
Awards summary N°11847-2011C h a r t e r - P a r t y SYNACOMEX 90 – Beginning of laytime – Port closure due to weather conditions – Dispute on laytime calculation. Read
Awards summary N°11836-2011Agency contract – Issuance of a Bill of Lading with declaration of value without prior
shipowner agreement – Wrong wording of a Bill of Lading – Arbitrators competence.
Awards summary N°11824-2011Sale contract of a fishing vessel - Situation of a sailor attached to the vessel by a contract of employment - Maritime Labor code - Dismissal - contractual obligation of guarantee.Read
Awards summary N°11814-2011Synacomex – Voyage Charter - Damage to cargo – Charterparty Bill of lading with no heading - Disponent owner - Identification of the Carrier. Read
Awards summary N°11802-20112nd degree Synacomex – Amended Centrocon Strike Clause (ACSC) – Blockade of roads outside the harbour affecting the loading – Neut ral izat ion of layt ime and exemption of demurrage – Limit: “Once on demurrage, always on demurrage” – Rule B (Yes). Read
Awards summary N°117912-2010Contract of affreightment – Hardship situation (No) – Partial execution of contracts – Force majeure (No).Read
Awards summary N°117810-2010Yacht contract of construction – Guaranteed works entrusted to a third party contractor – Financial dispute between shipyard and repair yard. Read
Awards summary N°117710-2010Yacht contract of construction – Invalid for fraud (No) – Expert appointment (No).Read
Awards summary N°11766-2010Second degree : Contract of Affreightment (COA) - Shipowner’s partial fulfilment - Protective seizure in New-York (Rule B) - Interest of a subsidiary company to take action (Yes) – Estoppel (No) - Damage for substitute chartered vessel (Yes). Read
Awards summary N°11755-2010(Second degree) : Carriage of bagged rice under B/L - Letter of guarantee - Damaged and shortage cargo at discharging - Shipowner liability. Read
Awards summary N°11743-2010Gencon C/P - Reefer carriage - Damages to cargo – Commercial unseaworthiness state – Shipowner liability. Read
Awards summary N°11732-2010Sale contract and arbitration clause - Competence on the merits (no) - Plaintiff withdrawal - Defendant’s accessory costs.Read
Awards summary N°11722-2010Contract of affreightment – Hardship clause – Claim for lack of jurisdiction rejected. Read
Awards summary N°11711-2010Shipbuilding contract for a tuna fishing vessel – Claim for contribution from third party.Read
Awards summary N°11702-2010Ship building contract - Guarantee claim - Judicial survey - Respect of contractual procedures - Workmanship. Read
Awards summary N°11692-2010Second degree – NYPE c/p – Grounding – Nautical fault in navigating the vessel –
« Paramount » and « Exceptions » clauses – Claim for costs resulting from the grounding rejected.
Awards summary N°116812-2009Damages to bulk cargo – COA and Gencon c/p – Arbitration clause in a chain of contracts.Read
Awards summary N°116710-2009Carriage of bagged rice under bill of lading – Cargo loaded in winter in China bound to West Africa coast – Wet damages – Letter of guarantee giving jurisdiction to the CAMP. Read
Awards summary N°116610-2009Gencon C-P – Period of time excluded from laytime – Ship's agent contract. Read
Awards summary N°11659-2009Supplytime C-P – Fasttrack procedure – Motto : « Criminal proceedings take precedence over civil proceedings » - Stay of proceedings (No). Read
Awards summary N°11647-2009Gencon C-P – Carriage of refrigerated cargo – Speed warranty : maximum safe speed – Vessel arrived at disport behind schedule – No evidence of bad weather – Fruit market price fall at the date of arrival - Monetary loss.Read
Awards summary N°11639-2009Synacomex C-P – Strike clause – Owners refusal to berth – Demurrage (No). Read
Awards summary N°11628-2009(Second degree) – Time C/P - Carriage of bagged rice under b/l - Cargo damage - Letter of guarantee - Ostensible authority – Jurisdiction. Read
Awards summary N°11615-2009Gencon c-p – Cargo to be loaded « always last in/first out » - Deviation – Late delivery of cargo – Penalty. Read
Awards summary N°11603-2009Gencon c-p – Voyage not performed – Chartering of a substitute vessel.Read
Awards summary N°115911-2008Sale contract for yachts - Partial non-performance – Cancellation clause.Read
Awards summary N°115811-2008Synacomex charter-party – Bulk maize – Cargo shortage – Action for indemnity against the charterer to guarantee any court decision against the owner – Owner performing its obligations – Guarantee required from charterers was well founded.Read
Awards summary N°115711-2008Synacomex charter-party and bill of lading – Bulk maize – Cargo shortage – Liability of the owner as sea carrier. Read
Awards summary N°11568-2008Charter-party bill of lading – Bagged rice – Cargo damage and shortage – Paramount clause and applicable law – Liability of the sea-carrier.Read
Awards summary N°11555-2008Second degree - « Sugar » c-p – Refusal of the Master to discharge in spite a letter of indemnity (LOI) was tendered by the charterer – Loss of time – Demurrage due by the charterer. Read
Awards summary N°11545-2008Second degree - "Asbatankvoy" c-p – Damages to the vessel – Late delivery of the cargo – Unseaworthiness – Owner negligence – Commercial prejudice. Read
Awards summary N°11534-2008« Synacomex » c-p – Cargo damages – Charterer obligation to discharge the cargo – Time lost due to a reduced discharging rate deducted from laytime. Read
Awards summary N°11523-2008Second degree – « Baltimore form C » c-p – Contamination of a soya bean meal cargo – English law to apply – Charterer and receiver part of the same group of companies – Which legal system has relevance ?Read
Awards summary N°11513-2008Second degree – Unsigned « Synacomex » c-p – Jurisdiction – Validity of the notice of readiness (NOR) – Refusal to discharge against a letter of indemnity (LOI). Read
Awards summary N°11501-2008Second degree – VSA (vessel sharing agreement) – Group of companies – Title to sue – Nautical fault – Peril of the sea – Container lashing - Liability of the owner (No). Read
Awards summary N°114911-2007Transport of bagged rice under b/l – Letter of indemnity – Damages and shortage – Owner liable as being the carrier. Read
Awards summary N°114811-2007Voyage charter – Identity of one party – Non-performance. Read
Awards summary N°114711-2007Second degree – Maritime agency contract – Cancellation – Compensation (Yes). Read
Awards summary N°11469-2007Synacomex C-P – No discharge in the absence of b/l – Time lost – Demurrage (Yes).Read
Awards summary N°11459-2007Collateral management agreement – Cargo vanishing and cargo damages – Collateral manager liable for the vanishing (Yes) – for the damages (No). Read
Awards summary N°11448-2007Carriage of bagged rice under B/L – Shortage and damages – B/L with no heading – Identity of the sea carrier, timecharterer of the vessel. Read
Awards summary N°11439-2007C-P Synacomex – Balance of freight resulting from unpaid despatch money – Tender of notice of readiness – Working days. Read
Awards summary N°11429-2007Carriage of bagged rice under B/L – Shortage and damage – Substitution of debtor for indemnity of insurance purpose – Subrogated underwriters – Full head owner liability as carrier for wet cargo damages, liability to be shared for damages due to stevedore mishandling. Read
Awards summary N°11417-2007C-P bill of lading – Bagged rice – Shortage and damage – Time-charterer as carrier – Liability in tort of the head owner (No).Read
Awards summary N°11405-2007Gencon c/p - Identity of parties – Chartering broker, party to the contract and acting as charterer (Yes) – Party acting on behalf of the receiver (No) – Demurrage.Read
Awards summary N°11395-2007Gencon c/p – Notice of readiness – NOR regularly tendered (Yes) – Laytime – Time not to count – Holds rightly rejected because of the specific characteristics of the cargo - Demurrage – Time counting.Read
Awards summary N°11384-2007(2nd degree) - Synacomex c/p - Cargo damage – Unseaworthiness (No) – Inherent vice (Yes) – Body of indications hints matching together. Read
Awards summary N°11373-2007Carriage of rice under b/l – Cargo damage – Owner liable as carrier – Inherent vice (No) – Circumstances surrounding the voyage not correctly assessed (Yes) – Lack of appropriate care to the cargo (Yes) – Unseaworthiness (Yes).Read
Awards summary N°11362-2007B/L used with a Gencon c-p – Legal action before a Tribunal lacking jurisdiction interrupts the time bar. Consignee a subsidiary of the charterer – Carrier not liable for damages to steel products cargo. Read
Awards summary N°11352-2007(2nd degree) – Vessel grounded during a river transit - Intervention of a tug – Mere towing service but no assistance. Read
Awards summary N°113412-2006Arbitration wrongly brought against an owner which was not a party to the c-p to which the arbitration clause refers – Lack of jurisdiction of the arbitration Tribunal. Read
Awards summary N°11331-2007B/L showing the loaded weight – Owners’obligation to discharge the B/L weight. Read
Awards summary N°113210-2006(Second degree) : Synacomex c/p – Arbitration clause of the c/p incorporated into the b/l – Validity of unsigned c/p.Read
Awards summary N°11317-2006Damages to the cargo – Contradictory tally reports – Carrier’s responsability. Read
Awards summary N°11305-2006Synacomex c/p – Grounding – Safe port/berth – Obligation to continue the voyage.Read
Awards summary N°11295-2006Damages to steel products – Perils of the sea – Carrier’s responsability.Read
Awards summary N°112612-2005Port services – Damages to a shore gantry crane and a vessel crane. Read
Awards summary N°112512-2005Damage to cargo – Unseaworthiness – Obligation to discharge – Right to not carry out a contractual obligation due to nonperformance of the other party. Read
Awards summary N°112312-2005Charter-party bill of lading marked «FIOS».Read
Awards summary N°112212-2005Agency agreement – Balance of accounts. Read
Awards summary N°11217-2005Sugar c/p – Letter of undertaking – Jurisdiction - Stevedores as owners’ servants. Read
Awards summary N°11209-2005Gencon c/p – Waiting time for the ice-breaker to count as laytime. Read
Awards summary N°11197-2005Amwelsh c/p – Wet damages – Non watertight hatch covers – Bad weather non excepted case. Read
Awards summary N°111810-2005Synacomex c/p – “Clean on board” bill of lading. Read
Awards summary N°111710-2005Agency contract – Cancellation – Indemnity claim. Read
Awards summary N°11166-2005Synacomex c-p - Vessel failing to arrive at loadport – Cargo shortage. Read
Awards summary N°11156-2005Barecon c-p – Unpaid hire. Read
Awards summary N°11146-2005(Second degree) Ship’s cranes at the disposal of the charterer. Read
Awards summary N°11135-2005Time charter – Final account – Assignment – Time bar. Read
Awards summary N°11125-2005Clean on board bills of lading. Read
Awards summary N°11113-2005Syncomex c-p – Safe port/berth. Read
Awards summary N°11104-2005(Second degree) Slot charter – Damage to refrigerated goods stowed in a container.Read
Awards summary N°11095-2005(Second degree) Fire in cargo – Undeclared general average. Read
Awards summary N°11084-2005(Second degree) Collision.Read
Awards summary N°11073-2005(Second degree) Wet damages - Authorities denying permission to discharge. Read
Awards summary N°11063-2005Rejection of cargo found polluted by the Captain.Read
Awards summary N°11051-2005Time-charter - Loss of containers loaded on deck in bad weather. Read
Awards summary N°110412-2004Laytime calculation. Read
Awards summary N°110311-2004(Second degree) Vessel detained by Customs once loaded. Read
Awards summary N°11028-2004(Second degree) Obligation to discharge – Safe port. Read
Awards summary N°11016-2004Collision – Time-bar – Quantum of damages.Read
Awards summary N°11005-2004Slot allocation contract - Time bar – Liability. Read
Awards summary N°10996-2004Multiple parties and contracts - Applicable law - Grounding - Safe port clause - General average.Read
Awards summary N°10985-2004Vessel readiness to load. Read
Awards summary N°10976-2004Demurrage. Read
Awards summary N°10954-2004Second-hand ship sale – Waiver of recourse. Read
Awards summary N°10944-2004Assistance at sea. Read
Awards summary N°109210-2003Cargo damage – Ingress of sea water.Read