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Our arbitrators are, above all, professionals belonging to companies involved in international maritime activities. Being operational or commercial men, jurists or technical experts, the competence of the arbitrators -resulting from their professional experiences- is appreciated by the disputing parties and constitutes for them the justification and the reason for their choice and preference for settling their disputes with our maritime arbitration

The organization in competence centers allows the Chamber to benefit from the experience of the arbitrators specialized in their respective branches and to adapt ourselves to the specific markets of the professional actors.

The increasing industrialization and liberalization of the economy, technological progress have contributed to make sea transports always more effective and fast. The nautical and technical skills of the arbitrators of the Chamber as well as their skill of the chartering explain that it is practically never called on to external experts to settle the disputes which are submitted to the Chamber.

Multimodal operators and freight forwarders can resort to the maritime international arbitration for their customers contractors who look for a just, effective, flexible and discreet mode of resolution of disputes, the outcome of which has to intervene with a reasonable delay for an economically reasonable cost.

The maritime insurance accompanies its customers in their international development in all the stages of the transport in particular when a ship or its cargo are exposed to dangers at sea or to commercial disputes during port calls. The expertise of the arbitrators of the Chamber allows them to settle all the disputes concerning international insurance coverages which are sometimes very sophisticated.

Ship building – Repairs
Shipbuilding and naval repairs request more and more sophisticated industries and engineering companies. The Chamber proposes a list of highly specialized technical arbitrators.

Construction, repair, and chartering of ocean-going yachts are expanding. Besides their consequent size, the luxurious sophistication and the exceptional character of their navigation contributed to the specialization of the professional actors to deal with the specificity of this market in strong expansion. Thanks to their professional skills, the arbitrators of the Chamber know how to adapt themselves and meet the requirements of this nautical activity.